how to use spamassassin with mailscanner?

Mike Dunderdale mdunder at GE.UCL.AC.UK
Thu May 23 10:03:14 IST 2002

On Thu, 23 May 2002, Mike Dunderdale wrote:

> >
> > The only thing you might want to do is track down the "ignore_rbl_checks"
> > option in its preferences file, uncomment it and set it to 1. MailScanner
> > or SA can do the RBL checks for you, but you don't need both of them doing it.
> it's in /usr/local/share/spamassassin/
> and known as skip_rbl_checks rather than ignore_rbl_checks
sorry about the extra link. Mishit copy and paste methinks... Should I be
included as a spammer now ;) ?

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