"notify postmaster if local" feature request

Julian Field jkf at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Wed May 22 13:51:30 IST 2002

Have you looked at this option in mailscanner.conf? it does something
pretty close to what I think you're looking for, and may be close enough.

# Deliver messages with viruses removed to their original recipients
# if they came from a local address, or just delete them so no-one knows
# we have a virus outbreak on our site?
Deliver From Local Domains = yes

Otherwise you could pretty easily write a little script (called by
procmail) to grep for your domain name in the "From:" information in the
body of the postmaster warning message.

At 13:24 22/05/2002, you wrote:
>    I have my "notify" flags set to:
>Notify Senders = no
>Notify Local Postmaster = yes
>The only postmaster notifications I care about are ones for virii coming
>from my domain, not the outside.  With Klez, I would really like a
>"notify postmaster if coming from local domain" flag, where it checks
>against an IP number block (137.146. in my case) or the domain name
>specified in the "Local Domains" setting.  If local, then notify, otherwise
>not.  Any chance of this?

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