Survey: Messages per day?

Julian Field jkf at
Wed May 22 01:08:23 IST 2002

I'm interested in working out a rough average (per site) of the number of
email messages per day that pass through MailScanner.

Please can you mail me (mailscanner at --- please DO NOT reply
to the whole list!)
your best guess of the figure for an average weekday.

*Please* send me a figure.

I guarantee you complete data privacy. Your number will only be used for
working out an average figure, and I guarantee to completely delete all the
data once I have processed it. If you would rather send me the figure
anonymously, to hide the name of your site, then feel free to do so.

If you scan outgoing as well as incoming, then please remember to include
both figures. Remember to count all of your MailScanner servers including
all your incoming MX's and outgoing relays as necessary.

The ideal response will just be a number (I'm going to have to process this
lot by hand).

Many thanks!

P.S. Once I've totted it all up I'll tell you why I'm interested, so stay

Julian Field                Teaching Systems Manager
jkf at         Dept. of Electronics & Computer Science
Tel. 023 8059 2817          University of Southampton
                             Southampton SO17 1BJ

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