Watching mail queues

Kelly Hamlin fizz at BOMB.NET
Tue May 21 21:02:45 IST 2002

do i need to compile and run this actually on the mail server? and how do i
turn on xforwarding?
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From: "Dave Remien" <dave at IPSMART.COM>
Sent: Sunday, May 19, 2002 5:37 PM
Subject: Watching mail queues

> After using mailscanner quite successfully for the last seven months
> (thanks much, Julian and Nick and everyone!), I decided that I needed an
> easier way to keep an eye on the size of /var/spool/mqueue and
> /var/spool/ than I'd been using.
> So here's an X Window program (based on Jamie Zawinski's xdebt) to
> (simplistically) watch the queue sizes:
> or
> I use it while ssh'd (with X forwarding turned on, obviously) into the
> mail server. Understands -update (seconds), -fn (font), -fg (color) and
> -fg (color), among others. Helps me watch for incipient email meltdowns
> (spam/virus attacks, etc.).
> Hope this might be of use to others. Feedback is welcome if I've bozo'ed
> something up.
> Cheers,
> Dave Remien

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