Where is VirusWarning.txt?

Funk Gabor Funk.Gabor at HUNETKFT.HU
Tue May 21 14:27:50 IST 2002

>>I haven't seen this behaviour before, has anyone else?

I'd suspect it is a Klez and the attachment *IS* there, but it is not
displayed in Outlook. "View source" should do the magic and show
the rest of the Klez as well as the viruswarning texts.

Based on subjects: ->multipart/mixed patch (was Virus Klez.H and McAfee)
and " "Inline Text Warning" and "Stored Virus Message Report" invisible"
around early May, and I guess it was fixed in 3.14. I can't confirm, since I usually
get the "postmaster" type report, not the "reply to the virus sender" type report :-)

::    - Infected "multipart/alternative" messages are converted to
::     "multipart/mixed" so that virus warning can always be seen.

I also sent a mail to you on 19th April regarding to this topic.
(Subject: difference between text and html format in virusreport?)


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