new files saved as rpmnew or rpmwhatever?

Lewis Bergman lbergman at
Mon May 20 16:50:31 IST 2002

> >I just upgraded to the latest 3.14.3 I think.
> 3.15-3?
Uhhhh ..... yea

> >I was wondering (just having spent a few minutes moving files around) if
> > it would be possible to write the new config files for sender and so
> > forth as rpmnew instead of moving the old files to rpmsave? It would save
> > some of us a bit of cleaning up.
> Whether the new ones go in as rpmnew or the old files go to rpmsave depends
> on what you have customised doesn't it? The current solution is *far*
> better than the previous behaviour, when it just overwrote them. If anyone
> can come up with a consensus on what is the best behaviour here (and more
> importantly *why*) then I'll happily code it. But I'm not sure there is a
> single answer to this question that is right 100% of the time.

Agreed. It is *much* better. As I see it, maybe incorrectly, moving existing
files to *.rpmsaved assumes that the files are _not_ customized. If you save
the new files under *.rpmnew and the files have not been customized no-one
will notice. They would most likely be the same, or at least have changes you
made to the files.

On the other hand, saving the new files under *.rpmnew assumes that the files
probably _are_ customised. The mailscanner can be immediately restarted and
the other files can be diffed for changes just in case. Just one point of

> >The other question. The default was being set by ".* deliver" syntax but
> > the new file has a "default deliver" in it. I assume this is the new way
> > to configure the default now?
> Yes. Read the docs.
got me.
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