ANNOUNCE: Version 3.15-1 released

Julian Field jkf at
Sun May 19 13:06:16 IST 2002

I have just released MailScanner Version 3.15-1.

No major additions this time, just a little bunch of things that people
have been requesting for quite a while:

-   Added "Always Include SpamAssassin Header" option so you can have spam
reports on non-spam messages
-   Added "default" rule to spam.actions.conf file. See the documentation,
and the supplied file for an example
-   Added option to control logging of allowed attachment filenames
-   Most systems will no longer need "syslogd -r" for logging to work
-   F-Prot parser handles non-working copies of viruses
-   RPM file now saves config files rather than overwriting them

Download it, as usual, from

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