mqueue config error!

Kham Vue kvue at WADSNET.COM
Fri May 17 21:59:22 IST 2002

I have a COBALT RAQ4r/Redhat server.
I configured my mqueue incorrectly.
I used /home/spool/mqueue instead of /home/spool/mqueue/q1.
All the mail from the last two hours are in the mqueue and not mqueue/q1.
I have fixed this and now the server is sending.
But the queued messages will not send (still in /home/spool/mqueue folder)!

Does anyone know how I can get the queued messages to send?
Do I just mv then to the Q1 folder??

thankx in advance.
Kham Vue
Internet Admin
The City of Wadsworth
WADSNET.COM High Speed Internet Service
kvue at
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