Upgrade issue --- and spam.actions.conf

Julian Field jkf at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Fri May 17 17:13:54 IST 2002

At 15:52 17/05/2002, you wrote:
>Just a quick query regarding Upgrading Mailscanner.  I installed the rpm
>with the upgrade option and all seemed to go well. However the
>mailscanner.conf file specifies spam.actions.conf but htis file wasn't
>installed with the upgrade.  Is there an issue with creating this file
>myself and creating rules?  Also is there a rule to delete all spam to one
>particular address in my domain and still deliver mail to all other
>addresses.  Is order of rules important?

I'll produce a new RPM over the weekend at some point with these files
included. I'll add a couple of very minor fixes to the code too, and try to
get the RPM to save config files it is about to overwrite.

The sample spam.actions.conf file (which I left out of the RPM by mistake)
should say this:

# This file contains instructions for what to do with messages that are
# detected as spam.
# Each line can contain:
# <address> <action>
# where <action> is either 'deliver', 'store' or 'delete'
# and <address> is either a full email address (e.g. user at sub.domain.com)
#                      or a domain name        (e.g. sub.domain.com)
#                      or a wildcard domain    (e.g. *.domain.com)
# If the message is required to be delivered to any of the recipients,
# it will be delivered to all of them.
# The priority of the rules is the same as the order given above,
# i.e. a matching full email address will be used in preference to
# a matching domain name, which will in turn be used in preference to
# a matching wildcard domain name.

Jules at JulianField.net   deliver
JulianField.net         store
*.spammers.com          delete

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