question ref. mailscanner logging

Julian Field jkf at
Fri May 17 09:22:15 IST 2002

Please read "man syslog.conf".

At 01:40 17/05/2002, you wrote:
>I thought I read a while back a question ref. logging mailscanner events
>to /var/log/messages. I installed Mailscanner a few weeks back from the rpm
>and configured it for use with f-prot.
>Since then all messages have had a "X-MailScanner: Found to be clean" or
>been correctly
>stopped due to a virus being contained in the message. I have received a
>accordingly, so everything so far is working to spec.
>I receive around 600+ messages a day, with perhaps 6-10 messages stopped for
>The strange thing is, I have far less entries (15-20 a day) in
>May 17 01:19:28 raq959 mailscanner[30495]: Scanning 1 messages, 3564 bytes
>May 17 01:19:28 raq959 mailscanner[30495]: Scanned 1 messages, 3564 bytes in
>0 seconds
>May 17 01:25:58 raq959 mailscanner[30495]: Scanning 1 messages, 3031 bytes
>...than I have emails processed by Mailscanner
>Should there be entries for EVERY message scanned by Mailscanner or am I
>missing something?

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