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Rose, Bobby brose at MED.WAYNE.EDU
Fri May 17 01:32:01 IST 2002

It's not that hard since I'm already doing it thought I had to rework it
with the new release.  The way I did it was added a MaxSpamHit and value
in my mailscan.conf then added a few lines to to read it in
with the rest of the options.  All that was just to make it easy to

Then %SpamInfo is passed along to the Handlespam routine so that the
score can be regex'd out.  Then another test (besides any other possibel
test like NumScore) is done to see if the score is greater or equal to
the Config::MaxSpamHits value and if so it's either queued or deleted
based on the spam.action.

Currently, I'm just using a single max spam score globally but I can see
Julian adding it to the SpamAction array so that you can set different
values in the spam.action.conf along with the various actions which
might make more sense because you could then set it to queue if score is
10-15 and delete if 16 or higher. 

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> Thanks for the spam.actions function, works great but I was wondering 
> if you could modify it a bit so that a different score could be used 
> for queuing or deleting.  Example:  If SA tags it at a score of 5, 
> have MA queue/delete at a score of 10.  I added a config setting for 
> MaxSpam hits and thru in a 'if' test in the HandleSpam routine.  The 
> higher the score the less likely it's a false positive and is safer to

> dump while still tagging the questionable ones.
That is an interesting idea. Explain in more detail how you would expect
it to work and how these options might be configured.
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