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Rose, Bobby brose at MED.WAYNE.EDU
Thu May 16 16:33:32 IST 2002

How about forwarding a copy of SPAM to another address so that it can be reported?  I know it would be easy to add to the spamforkandtest routine to have SA report it automatically but that would report false positives to Razor or DCC.  Currently I have it save a copy of WHOLEMESSAGE with the full SA report in a spam queue directory and then just cat all the files to single mail file so that I can delete any false positives and adjust scoring rules and then report the rest.  It's no biggy if I continue doing this but it'd be nice not having to add such modifications when Mailscanner is updated.
Thanks for the spam.actions function, works great but I was wondering if you could modify it a bit so that a different score could be used for queuing or deleting.  Example:  If SA tags it at a score of 5, have MA queue/delete at a score of 10.  I added a config setting for MaxSpam hits and thru in a 'if' test in the HandleSpam routine.  The higher the score the less likely it's a false positive and is safer to dump while still tagging the questionable ones.

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        >I've been running Mailscanner with spamassassin for some time now, works
        >Thanks for that... what I miss sometimes is an option to add the
        >X-Spamcheck-header even if it's not spam, with the spamassassin score and
        >possibly the terse report. Then I can see what score the spam has that gets
        >trough. Btw, nice that the reports from spamassassin work now.
        Yes, one or two people have asked for that. In the next release I hope...
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