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Francois Caen FCaen at CI.LAKEWOOD.WA.US
Wed May 15 22:50:49 IST 2002

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>>There's a way to setup into mailscanner config file (mailscanner.conf) the 
>>config&prefs file for spamassassin ? 
>>This could be a better method to point spamassassin to the correct 
>>configuration files (if required) than try to figure out which files it's 
>>using currently spamassassin... 
>It will use root's settings unless you have MailScanner running as another 
>user. So look in ~root/.spamassassin. 

Julian, could you please add a paragraph about that to your excellent documentation?

I know I was asking myself similar questions when I installed SpamAssassin. Between SA's and your doc, it's not very clear how to configure SA for use with MS.


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