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David Sullivan David.Sullivan at BARNET.AC.UK
Thu May 16 09:27:28 IST 2002

On 15 May 2002 at 16:38, Martin Sapsed wrote:

> Peter Peters wrote:
> > I would put/keep that in the external scanners.
> >
> > If you consider hoaxes some kind of virus (which they are in my
> > perspective) you should look for an anti-virus program that detects
> > hoaxes.
> >
> > If you consider hoaxes spam (which they are in my perspective) you could
> > have SpamAssassin updated to check for hoaxes.
> Isn't it a similar operation to refusing attachments ending in .whatever -
> or would you say that shouldn't be in MailScanner?

That benefits of doing this are very great though and they're there to stop the
propagation of actual viruses.

I'm certainly willing to block certain types of attachment as the virus scanner
may always lag a little behind the next ".vbs" worm since these tend to spread
quite fast.

As to what you're willing to block to achieve this is a matter of debate of

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