Can someone put [Mailscanner] in the list subjects?

Rajesh Fowkar rajesh-shriram at GMX.NET
Thu May 16 12:52:02 IST 2002

On 14/05/02 at 18:39 - Martin Sapsed said in public:
>David Sullivan wrote:
>> On 14 May 2002 at 9:25, Jeff Volckaert wrote:
>> > Would it be possible to get something like [Mailscanner] in the subject
>> > line of all the list messages?  I subscribe to a number of mailing lists
>> > and would prefer to not have to start filtering them into individual
>> > boxes, but would like to see at a glance which list it's from.
>> Jiscmail lists can all be customised to do certain things on a per subscriber
>> basis, one of which is to put the list name in the subject line:
>except that then we'll probably get some messages appearing with
>[Mailscanner] in and some without and any hope of sensible threading will
>go out of the window. I've seen it happen on other lists - you sometimes
>end up with subjects like
>Re: [listname] blah
>[listname] Re: blah
>and sometimes
>[listname] Re: [listname} blah !
>I vote for leaving it alone and using e.g. Sender: to filter messages to a
>folder like I do now (if we're having a vote that is!)

That's what I do too for all the mailing lists I am subscribed to. That's
the way to go.


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