Possible bug in 3.14-1

Pablo Iranzo G ómez Pablo.Iranzo at UV.ES
Tue May 14 15:21:17 IST 2002

My situation is:
I've my email redirected to an alias to send an sms to my mobile when it
arrives, so:

Email at server.com redirects to local account \user, and to remote account
User.Mobile at server2.com, where server2 is the server in which I run
mailscanner.   User.Mobile at server2.com is an alias that expands to
mobnumber at mobileprovider.com and then mobileprovider sends an sms to me.

So, afaik, only one address involved as to the second machine (the one with
mailscanner) only arrives one message that gets expanded and then goes out
of the machine.

I think that no spam should arrive after this point as I've in

mobileprovider.com delete

My other address:

There could be also  another possibility, that is to receive an email to
user at server2.com (the one with mailscanner) that expands to \user, and
user.mobile, that expands again to mobnumber at mobileprovider.com, but in
this case, afaik (again ;)) it only involves one recipient. (but in the
case that the expansion of aliases is done automatically it could mean two
adresses: \user and mobnumber at mobileprovider.com in the same message).

In this case I think that as the actions for mailscanner are just "delete,
deliver or store", if the action is delete, just is needed to rewrite the
header removing the not-to-spam email, if deliver, leave at is, and if
store, then store it with no rewriting.

Is this possible?
(Thanks in advance)

Best regards

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