ANNOUNCE: Version 3.14-1 released

Julian Field jkf at
Tue May 14 12:29:47 IST 2002

It's documented near the top of

Basically you've got it right, but to over-ride the default "deliver"
action you'll need a line
         *.              delete
and not just
         *               delete
Sorry about that, it's just how it got implemented...

For messages with multiple recipients, deliver over-rides store, which in
turn over-rides delete. So if any of the recipients match a "deliver" rule,
the message will be delivered (to all the recipients). Failing that, if any
of the recipients match a "store" rule, the message will be stored. Failing
that, if all the recipients match "delete" rules, the message will be deleted.

At 12:26 14/05/2002, you wrote:
>Hi Julian,
>any info on the structure of the per-user and per-domain spam control file ?
>is it as simple as:
># Filename : spam.actions.conf
># Spam Control for use by mailscanner 3.14-1
>            deliver
>user at               delete
>me at         delete
>user at   store
>*                               delete
># end of spam.actions.conf
>or is there something else needed ?
> >
> > I've just released MailScanner Version 3.14.
> >
> > Changes for this version are:
> >
> > Features:
> >   - Implemented per-user and per-domain control of what to do with spam
> >   - Added "Subject:" line modification for viruses, same as for spam
> >   - SpamAssassin report now also includes names of successful tests
> >

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