Broken Return-Path: header (better solution!)

Julian Field jkf at
Mon May 13 15:08:10 IST 2002

At 14:51 13/05/2002, you wrote:
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> > From: Julian Field
> > Sent: Friday, May 10, 2002 9:18 AM
> > What happens if you tell MailScanner to archive all the mail in a safe
> > directory somewhere, then compare the qf file for this message with what
> > gets delivered. I believe you will see the same 8-bit character.
>Hey, you are right about this! How strange. Even more because the message
>that is eventually sent to the recipient has a correct Return-Path header...

Agreed that I can't do very much about this? I guess I could replace
strange characters in the Return-Path with "$" signs...
Worth it?
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