cronjob-results aren't emailed anymore

Jos Lemmerling jos at LEMMERLING.NET
Mon May 13 10:20:47 IST 2002

On Mon, 13 May 2002, Nick Phillips wrote:

> Basically, the retry timeouts for the "incoming" exim are never getting
> reset. Try running "exim_tidydb -t 0m /var/spool/ retry" once a
> day from a cronjob.

yes, it works now!

> It's ugly, and I'll try to find a Better Way, but it should work for now.
> It appears that since I generally set up my system not to send me very much
> from cron anyway, that I wasn't (noticeably) suffering from this.

I used to get backup-results from it, so it scared me at first when i
missed them...  ;)
But it seems to be ok now!


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