Configuring SpamAssassin with Mailscanner

Francois Caen FCaen at CI.LAKEWOOD.WA.US
Fri May 10 22:00:17 IST 2002

Hey all,

My first post on this list. Been using Mailscanner with F-Prot for a couple months and I love it. Decided to start killing some spam, so I'm now adding SpamAssassin.

Does SA read the same conf files when called by MailScanner? For example, if I add "defang_mime 0" to /etc/mail/spamassassin/ , will that setting be taken into account by SA?

(Using RH7.2, sendmail-8.11.6-3, mailscanner-3.13-2, spamassassin 2.20 from CPAN)


Francois Caen
Network Information Systems Engineer - Webmaster
City of Lakewood, WA
(253) 512-2269

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