AIX freezing???

Tim Tyler tyler at BELOIT.EDU
Thu May 9 20:11:19 IST 2002

   Mailscanner experts,

We are running 2.6 of Mailscanner on AIX4.3.3 systems with Sophos.   About
every week or two one of our AIX systems will simply freeze up on us.  We
really don't know why.  We can't seem to identify anything through any of
the running logs.  We have noticed prior to the freezing up that we
occassionally notice a virus that has been rejected minutes before the
freeze up.  Basically, access to all commands (perhaps the hard drive or
filesystems) becomes unaccessible and then eventually (perhaps a few
minutes) the background processes die out and the whole system is
frozen.  The only thing to do is to reboot.  I can't say that Mailscanner
necessarily has anything to do with this, but was wondering if anyone else
has had this experience?  Its one of our top two processes on this system
from what we can tell.  Is there a logging facility for Mailscanner that we
might enable?  Can Mailscanner possibly result in some sort of DoS
preventing access to filesystems?  Any thoughts are much appreciated!

Tim Tyler
Network Engineer - Beloit College
tyler at

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