Reporting viruses (was: Klez-G)

Richard Siddall richard.siddall at ELIRION.NET
Thu May 9 13:58:54 IST 2002

Julian Field wrote:
> Parsing out the domain and then guessing at the relevant postmaster address
> is almost impossible to do automatically. For example, if you sent it to
> "postmaster at xxx.yyy" as you suggest, and the message claims to have come
> from us, you would miss us completely as I am postmaster at
> Mailing postmaster at xxx.yyy would get you nowhere, apart from annoying the
> administrators for the entire UK academic community.
> And sending it to "postmaster at" will only work if they either
> have wildcard MX records (a very bad thing) or an MX record for every host
> in their domain (unnecessary). In our case, all mail leaves as
> foobar at and we just have MX records for, not
> every
> So you see my problem...

Let me suggest integrating mailscanner with a distributed intrusion detection
system such as DShield or myNetWatchman.  They're in the business of finding the
right contact (and annoying the wrong people as part of that process).


        Richard Siddall

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