Julian Field jkf at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Thu May 9 10:25:38 IST 2002

At 00:23 09/05/2002, you wrote:
>Has anyone made any modifications to Mailscanner yet forward a copy of
>the postmaster warning message to the postmaster in the domain of the
>sending machine?  Or is this a bad idea of attempting?
>Just getting annoying seeing all these Klez's coming from Comcast,
>Verizon and broadband provider domains.

Oh, and another problem: what happens when the sender address is fake (like
it is in most spam)? Then you are just going to harass completely the wrong
person, which is a good way to get blocked by them.

There is absolutely no way of guaranteeing the domain name from where the
email message originated.
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