"Inline Text Warning" and "Stored Virus Message Report" invisible

Jason Summers jason at MED-WEB.COM
Sat May 4 00:30:00 IST 2002

Kai Wang wrote:
> This bothers our help desk and postmasters. Neither "Inline Text
> Warning" nor the "Stored Virus Message Report" is invisible some
> times. They were in the message. It happens often in the Klez
> infected messages. Is there a way to modify MailScanner so that
> both of them are visible anyway?

(Didn't you already ask this?)

I'm hoping that someone familiar with the MailScanner (or MIME-tools)
code will eventually take an interest in this. In my opinion, it's a
significant problem.

The *immediate* problem is that the MIME-tools Perl module can't handle
the messages sent by Klez.

[Note: Scott G. just informed me that by "latest version", he didn't
mean the 5.503beta version of MIME-tools, as I incorrectly assumed
(because 5.503 is the only "latest version" listed on the MIME-tools web
site). Sorry about that. I'll test 5.503 soon.]

The *fundamental* problem is that MailScanner, in many cases, sends its
warning as one part of a "multipart/alternative" message. As such, the
email client isn't expected to show all the attachments -- it's supposed
to pick the one it thinks it can handle best. Technically, it's supposed
to either ask the user, or display the *last* part that it is capable of
displaying. And since the MailScanner warning is inserted into the
*first* part of an appropriate type, it shouldn't be surprising when an
email client doesn't display the part with the MailScanner warning in

Would it be reasonable to have MailScanner convert
"multipart/alternative" messages to "multipart/mixed"? If so, how might
one go about doing that?

Jason Summers

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