No SpamAssassin report with MailScanner?

Richard Ahlquist newsletters at PCSITES.COM
Fri Mar 29 22:01:45 GMT 2002

On Fri, 29 Mar 2002 13:40:12 -0800, Dan Kubilos <dan at OXNARDSD.ORG> wrote:

>Thanks Richard.  I was looking for this.
>But . . .
>why the -P option
>The -P parameter will cause it to pipe the output to STDOUT instead.
>Why do you want it in standard out instead of the mail spool?
>Dan Kubilos     __\o_ ^
>K-8 Tech Coord

Dan, to be honest I am uncertain. Thats just how they have it written up
all over the Spamassassin site. Here it is from the FAQ on the SA site.
How do I use SpamAssassin with procmail?
The following procmail recipe will pre-process your mail through
SpamAssassin (one at a time), and if a mail is tagged as spam, will refile
it into a folder called "caughtspam" in your home directory.

        | spamassassin -P

        * ^X-Spam-Status: Yes

spamc can be used instead of spamassassin, if you intend to install and use
the spamd server system-wide.

Read 'man procmailrc' and 'man procmailex' for futher details and

There may be more documentation on 'why this is' but I am unsure of where
as yet.

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