spamassassin not called on Debian?

Kurt Yoder kylist at SHCORP.COM
Wed Mar 27 14:50:45 GMT 2002

Matt Miller said:
>> Hmm... I didn't realize it needed to be running in daemon mode;
>> however I've done what you said and now:
>> root at pangaea:/var/log/mail# ps axf | grep spamd
>>  3722 pts/0    S      0:00              \_ grep spamd
>>  3120 ?        S      0:00 perl /usr/sbin/spamd -d -c -D
>> (I put spamd in debug mode)
>> But my sample spam from still gets through untagged. Again,
>> I tried a "spamassassin -t" on it, which flags it as spam. It almost
>> seems like mailscanner isn't calling spamassassin...
>> --
>> Kurt Yoder
>> Sport & Health network administrator
> Are you using the Debian packages?
> Maybe spamd doesn't need to be running; I'll test it and let you know.
> Check to see if you have a /var/mail/.spamassassin/user_prefs. Edit the
> file and uncomment the number of hits; I've got "required_hits                5".
> And/or edit /usr/share/spamassassin/user_prefs.template and uncomment
> the required_hits.
> I know that Spamassassin is working for's an excerpt from a
> header of a test e-mail I sent when I was testing mailscanner:
> X-MailScanner: Found to be clean
> X-MailScanner-SpamCheck: SpamAssassin (13 hits)
> I'm going to attach my mailscanner.conf file. Maybe something
> insightful can be derived from there as well...
> Matt


> # Define local networks from whom you should always accept mail, and #
> never mark it as spam. This is useful in case your own mail servers #
> are ever in the ORBS or MAPS lists.
> #Accept Spam From = 152.78.
> #Accept Spam From = 139.166.

How stupid of me. I had an "accept from" line with my local IP in it.
Problem is, I have another machine relaying to this one, so all email, even
mail from the internet, was getting automatically accepted. I commented out
this line, and now spam checking appears to be working...

Kurt Yoder
Sport & Health network administrator

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