Feature Request

Rose, Bobby brose at MED.WAYNE.EDU
Wed Mar 27 05:29:37 GMT 2002

It already does the whitelist.  When Mailscanner first started using SA,
I made some modifications in sendmail.pl within the SAForkAndTest sub,
after the line
    $SAResult = int($spamness->get_hits()) if $SAResult;

I added 
    if ($SAScore >=5) {
      $spamness->rewrite_mail ();
      my $SARewrite = $spamness->get_full_message_as_text();
      open(DOUT, ">>/var/spam/queue/spr$mID") or Log::DieLog("Failed to
create copy of spam message spr$mID");
      print DOUT $SARewrite;
      close DOUT;
This dumps the message including the SA report into a queue.  This
allows me to take samples and also to report the messages as spam to
Oh yeh I had to added $mID to the subroutine call so the 
  $SAResult = SAForkAndTest($SAspamtest, $spammail); 
  $SAResult = SAForkAndTest($SAspamtest, $spammail, $mID);
  my($Test, $Mail) = @_;
  my($Test, $Mail, $mID) = @_;

Granted I could probably stop doing this since I think Julian mentioned
adding the ability to forward or cc the spam messages to an account.

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