Problem starting MailScanner

Robert Fitzpatrick robert at WEBTENT.COM
Mon Mar 25 02:40:12 GMT 2002

I have this problem all of a sudden and see a lot of posts in the
archives, but nothing checks out so far. I know the Linux version just
went pay-for again, but I didn't know about that until after I
installed the 3.12 version of f-prot, March 21. After I untarred the
new version and updated the symbolic links everything started giving
me problems. Mail stuck in the and MailScanner reports the
following after Starting MailScanner:

Commercial virus checker failed with real error: Either you've found a
bug in MailScanner's F-Prot
output parser, or F-Prot's output format has changed!

Since the old version of f-prot was still there, I just remove and
remade my /usr/local/f-prot symlink to point back there again. Same
problem. Right now, I have MailScanner off, no messages are being
scanned, and I'm receiving that error after starting. Can someone tell
me if this has anything to do with having to license the Linux version
of f-prot now or what may be causing my problem?


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