Filelist Rule and Conf

Dan Kubilos dan at OXNARDSD.ORG
Sun Mar 24 17:44:03 GMT 2002

Just installed MailScanner for our school district's email server - redhat
7.2 sendmail, spamassassin and razor -- WOW!

Thank you very much.

Questions I have.  I expected to be able to test the filename.rules.conf
by simply sending myself a double extension filename file. ( I am using
the included sample.)

But nothing occurs when I send this attachment.  Running with debug = 1 I
see that mailscanner was called and a message scanned.  The message was
delivered with test.doc.pif intact.  How can I test current or new
configuration of filename.rules.conf?

I installed the RPM distribution. What is the best way to have mailscanner
reload a new config?  I *thought* I had restarted the init script after
changing Deliver Cleaned attachment to "no" but noticed one was delivered.

Dan Kubilos     __\o_ ^
K-8 Tech Coord

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