A few questions

Simon J Hubbard mail at SIMONHUBBARD.COM
Thu Mar 21 10:10:44 GMT 2002

Sorry these may be lame questions but I have to start somewhere:

1.  I have MailScanner configured to use SpamAssassin.  How do I know that SpamAssassin is actually working.  I know that there is an extra header added for messages that fail the MailScanner RBL test.  Is there an extra header added by MailScanner for messages that fail the heuristic spamassassin checks or are they just flagged by adding {SPAM} to the subject line.

2.  I'd like to configure MailScanner to forward suspected SPAM messages to a central mailbox or folder.  I've browsed the posting on the list but can see nothing on how this might be configured beit using MailScanner or sendmail+rules.

Many thanks, Simon J Hubbard.
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