Any clue on this one?

Kelly Hamlin fizz at BOMB.NET
Wed Mar 20 00:44:38 GMT 2002

Mailscanner 3.12-5

Today at around 3pm or so my email gateway running mailscanner went on the
fritz. Mailscanner would take mail into its incoming dir and then do
nothing. I would continuously do ps -x to see what its doing, then
eventually it would go defunct. So i tried reinstalling.. no fix.. i tried
changing settings... no good.. i did everything except redo the whole box.
(Keep in mind on my MX 20 record it was running fine, and then as i started
to write a HELP email to the list, it started working again. Its very
strange, but any clue would be great, i just grew about 17 grey hairs
working on this. heh

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