ANNOUNCE: Bug report and fix: Version 3.12-5

Julian Field jkf at
Thu Mar 7 14:40:26 GMT 2002

This bug only affects users of the McAfee virus scanner.
I would advise all McAfee users to correct this problem, either by applying
the change in this message, or by upgrading to version 3.12-5.

This bug is unlikely to cause a problem at all, *but* there is a very
remote chance of mail being scanned without a valid set of virus
definitions being present, if the scan happens at exactly the right moment
while the daily auto-updating script is running.

Bug Report
The McAfee virus scanner updating script (/usr/local/mcafee/autoupdate) and
the main MailScanner code disagree on the name of the lock file.

Edit the updating script (/usr/local/mcafee/autoupdate or wherever you have
it installed) and change line 19
   my($LockFile) = "/tmp/McafeeBusy.lock";
   my($LockFile) = "/tmp/McAfeeBusy.lock";

This is also fixed in version 3.12-5.
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