Sophos IDE autoupdate

Mike Wallis mike at UNIXSECURITY.ORG
Wed Mar 6 15:12:35 GMT 2002

Apparently this month Sophos has started to release two versions of
their scanner, the regular and a new 'enhanced' version. They both use
the same IDE files, but the enhanced version has a slightly different
dat file name. It appears that this minor change causes the regexp in
the autoupdate script to choke. Unfortunately, my perl-fu is weak, so I
thought I'd pass this along to those who can actually fix it.

standard dat file: vdl-3.55.dat
enhanced dat file: vdl-3.55n.dat
Creating a symlink of vdl-3.55.dat -> vdl-3.55n.dat serves as a
workaround, but seems a bit kludgy.

Mike Wallis
mw at

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