ANNOUNCE: Version 3.12-3 released

Julian Field jkf at
Tue Mar 5 14:45:37 GMT 2002

I have just released Version 3.12-3 of MailScanner.

Changes for this version are:
   - Domains To Scan now supports wildcards, e.g. *,
   - Spam White List now supports wildcards, e.g. *,
   - Greatly improved F-Prot parser (this should be the last major change
to the parser),
   - Support for SpamAssassin 2.1 and upwards,
   - Stopped McAfee wrapper producing "kernel: cdrom open failed" errors,
   - New feature: "Mail Archive" to save all incoming mail to a directory,
   - Support for Inoculan 4.x virus scanner.
   - Fixed the bug in changing the subject line when spam-tagging with Exim

SpamAssassin users -- Please note you will need to have at least version
2.1 of SpamAssassin installed (current version is 2.11). MailScanner will
complain and refuse to run if you have an earlier version of SpamAssassin

Downloadable, as usual, from


P.S. I am on holiday in the Alps next week (9th-16th March), so there will
be a break in support from me. Sorry, but I don't feel like carrying my
heavy old laptop on holiday. Now if someone wants to buy me a nice light
new one, I would take that... ;-)
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