SpamAssassin 2.1 issue

Julian Field jkf at
Sun Mar 3 09:48:44 GMT 2002

At 08:21 03/03/2002, you wrote:
>Julian,  I think we were wrong on the 2.1 compatiblity.  Mailscanner
>wants which isn't in the 2.1 distro since they switched
>to  The reason mailscanner continued to work after we
>upgraded to 2.1 is because the 1.5 still lingered.  So
>long as people have it, then they are ok but I don't see 1.5 available

There are a couple of changes that have to happen to the MailScanner source
to support SpamAssassin 2.1, which unfortunately removes backward
compatibility with 2.01 and earlier.

I have made the relevant changes to the source and should be publishing a
new version of MailScanner (to fit with SA 2.1 among other changes) next
week, once my beta-testers have confirmed there aren't any glaring problems.
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