No SpamAssasin Output

Gerry Doris gerry at
Fri Jun 28 18:36:29 IST 2002

> I have a few e-mails that have no SpamAssasin report in the headers.  It
> simply says Not Spam and where it lists the score it only says (). Would
> this be what happens if SpamAssasin timed out?  I installed Razor
> yesterday so I'm worried that could be happening.
> Steve Evans
> Computing Services
> (619) 594-0653
It's been fixed in the latest release.  It was caused by spamassassin not
running when the size of the email message was greater than the maximum
specified in mailscanner.conf.  The default size is 50k.

Putting it too high can slow down your server...too low and spamassassin
doesn't run with big messages.  When spamassassin didn't run you would
receive the "SpamAssassin ()" in the header.  With the new release of
mailscanner this has been changed to say that spamassassin didn't run.

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