Not quietly deleting (version 3.21-1)

John Goggan jgoggan at DCG.COM
Fri Jun 28 14:18:56 IST 2002

John Goggan wrote:
> Julian Field wrote:
> > Correct. That's what it does. I've just tested this with the 3.21-1
> > code and it is working fine.
> Hmmm...  I'll do some more testing then.  My logs show that it
> emailed two people that sent me Klez this morning...

Hmmm...  My current tests worked properly.  Looking at the logs, it looks like
Klez had done some weird changes on those ones -- where even though the person
was the faked sender, the header made it look like they were the recipient.
Therefore, it was just MailScanner thinking that they were the recipient and
letting them know.

So, I guess it is working according to the documentation then.  To be honest,
I think I'd like to be able to tell it to "not tell anyone but the postmaster"
for certain things like Klez.  Basically, I'd just like to delete all Klez
completely -- without telling the sender or recipient, since the sender is
fake and there isn't much the recipient could do anyhow.  :)

But, again, it appears to be working as intended -- so things are fine. Sorry
for my confusion on that.  Was just Klez being slightly different than

 - John...

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