Not quietly deleting (version 3.21-1)

John Goggan jgoggan at DCG.COM
Fri Jun 28 14:06:33 IST 2002

Declan Grady wrote:
> Well, I accepted the explanation, whihc I assume means :
> postmaster get notified
> local recipient gets notified with the 'VriusWanring.txt' in place of the attachment
> sender does *not* get notified.
> Does this make sense ?

Well, I don't think even the recipient should get notified.  Just the
postmaster/log.  However, regardless of that, as I said, it is emailing the
SENDER of the "Klez" (who obviously isn't really the sender) and telling them
about it.  So, even if it is supposed to do what you mentioned above (notify
postmaster and the recipient), that isn't what is happening.  It is telling
the sender for me still.

 - John...

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