Not quietly deleting (version 3.21-1)

Declan Grady Declan.Grady at NUVOTEM.COM
Fri Jun 28 13:29:36 IST 2002

Well, I accepted the explanation, whihc I assume means :

postmaster get notified
local recipient gets notified with the 'VriusWanring.txt' in place of the attachment
sender does *not* get notified.

Does this make sense ?


On Fri, Jun 28, 2002 at 08:16:42AM -0400, John Goggan mentioned:
> Just to note, I appear to be getting this same behavior.  I am also running
> 3.21 and using f-protect.  And, I am fairly certain that it was working
> properly before I upgraded, although I guess I am not absolutely positive.
> I double-checked that F-Prot was detecting them as "W32/Klez.H at mm" -- and that
> is what I have in my ignore file.
> Basically, people that email Klez to me (although they really didn't, of
> course, since Klez fakes the from and that's why we want to ignore them) are
> still getting emailed back that they sent a virus our way.
> (Note that someone else answered you and said that Julian already explained
> this and that it is working properly -- I disagree.  You said that you're
> still getting email notifications BESIDES postmaster -- which means that they
> aren't being deleted quietly/properly.  I think he missed that.  Unless I'm
> misunderstanding something...)
>  - John...

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