Setting up a Gateway

Dan Cooper dcooper at UKMATRIX.NET
Fri Jun 28 08:45:44 IST 2002

I would be unable to follow Julians advice as layed out in the FAQ as our
main mailserver  has to be available to the outside world.

My plan was to just make the gateway machine a higher MX priority in the DNS
for a particular domain, and then have sendmail place the mail in a mailbox
on the gateway. Then a .forward file could go in the users home dir on the
gateway machine, sending the mail to user at on the main

This, however, did not seem to work, as the messages were not scanned by the
gatweway prior to them being forwarded to the main mailserver.

Any ideas why mailscanner would not scan these messages? all relevant
domains were in the file.


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From: "Bruno Melloni" <x.mailscanner.mail at MELLONI.COM>
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Subject: Re: Setting up a Gateway

> I setup a box as a gateway, to minimize exposure of the internal server.
> Seems to work fine.
> But it appears necessary to define users and aliases not only on the
> internal server, but also on the gateway box (of course it is quite
> that I bungled somewhere).
> Is there a way to avoid defining users and aliases on the gateway box?
> Thanks,
> bruno

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