Proper way to handle misidentifiedspamsite-wide?

Julian Field jkf at
Thu Jun 27 22:59:46 IST 2002

I have just posted an improved version of my df2mbox script on the website.

It now puts the addresses of the real recipients (taken from the envelope,
not the headers) into a X-MailScanner-Recipient: header, so you can see who
to forward the message to if it's not obvious from the headers.

At 20:36 27/06/2002, you wrote:
>This has taken me about an hour and a half to solve.
>Take a look at the attached shell script.
>It should do 99% of what you are trying to achieve.
>Its syntax is:
>         df2mbox dirname [ dirname ... ]
>i.e. you can cd into your quarantine directory and do
>         df2mbox *
>to process all your quarantine directories, or you can just do the
>directory that corresponds to yesterday's mail, e.g.
>         df2mbox 20020622
>It will create a file called "spam.<dirname>" in the current directory, for
>each directory name you pass on the command-line. Try doing
>         cd /var/spool/MailScanner/quarantine
>         df2mbox *
>and you'll see what I mean.
>You can then point most mail readers, everything from pine to Eudora, at
>the spam.* files.
>Read the comment at the top of the script for the things I forgot to
>mention here.
>All donations gratefully received :-)
>At 18:52 27/06/2002, you wrote:
>>Not hard, no, but not very accurate/usable either.  :)  What is going on is
>>that I'm trying to pull all the spam out of our "info" and "help" accounts
>>before the people that have to handle such requests see them.  This is why it
>>is really all "my" mail -- I don't think there are legal problems are.  The
>>problem is that we get tons of spam at these -- because we make the email
>>addresses so readily available on web sites and such -- crawlers pick them up
>>So, I'm just trying to filter most of that out before it ever gets to them to
>>see at all -- but want to check for errors.  So, just for fun, here are some
>>of the subjects from our quarantine (ie. marked as spam already) using your
>>qfg5QM7D128287:H??Subject: help...
>>qfg5QMBv131050:H??Subject: Offer
>>qfg5QMOo104547:H??Subject: Re: More info?
>>qfg5R0Jj104316:H??Subject: Here is what you requested
>>qfg5R0Rs109645:H??Subject: YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE
>>qfg5R2IS106590:H??Subject: Welcome New Member!

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