Domains not to scan?

Dan Leavitt dll at SCITOOLS.COM
Thu Jun 27 19:40:38 IST 2002

Well, perhaps my intent would be better served by running SpamAssassin via
/etc/procmailrc rather than by MailScanner; thus, it would only scan mail
that is being delivered to local users, which is my real goal.  Doing so
might also provide a solution to an earlier question of mine about whether
users can control the behavior of SpamAssassin via their
file.   Can you confirm these thoughts?


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> At 18:35 27/06/2002, you wrote:
> >Anyway, what I'd like to be able to do is prevent MailScanner from
> >the headers of outgoing messages from our users, perhaps a
> >"" file or negative entries in
> >"" is in order.
> I really must write a FAQ about this, I get asked it about once a month.
> Summary: it's impossible.
> Right, say you have domains under your control called and
> There is some other domain out there on the net called
> You want to restrict scanning by having a "" file
> containing "".
> Okay so far?
> Someone sends a message from to You scan it as
> isn't in the list. Now you get a message from to
> You still scan it as isn't in the list.
> The same arises from and *to*
> Last case: someone sends a message from to Do
> you scan it or not? As is not in the list, then you should scan
> it. The guys at are going to get real mad at you for not
> scanning their incoming mail, if you decide to not scan it as
> is in the list. So you have to scan it. So you have to give
> priority to domains that are *not* in the list, and these over-ride
> that *are* in the list.
> So you end up scanning everything. It isn't what you think you wanted to
> do, but it is the logical consequence of what you have to do (i.e. scan
> mail for people who want it scanned).
> So it can't be done.
> Must put this in a FAQ...
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