Proper way to handle misidentifiedspamsite-wide?

Julian Field mailscanner at
Thu Jun 27 19:19:53 IST 2002

At 18:52 27/06/2002, you wrote:
>Indeed.  I wouldn't do this for "normal" users -- I'd let them handle it after
>just marking them for them.  I just see many other legit uses for
>MailScanner/SpamAssassin outside of just marking things for "normal" users.
>It seems so close -- but just not quite -- when it comes to doing things
>besides "deliver."

Good point. Some sort of spam quarantining that made an mbox format file
for each day. Would you want viruses in there too, or just spam? We could
have something like
Quarantine spam in mbox format = yes/no

I don't think I'm going to write it now, but I hope it will make it to V4.
If V4 ships without it, remind me :-)

>No problem -- hope to see it someday.  I'll do deliver for now.  Actually, I'm
>already more than happy -- since I requested the "two threshold levels" thing
>only a day or two ago, was told that it wasn't possible for now, and then
>suddenly have it today!  So, I'll consider myself more than lucky for what I
>got already.  To whoever paid Julian for that implementation, I thank you!  :)

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