Setting up a Gateway

Dan Cooper dcooper at UKMATRIX.NET
Thu Jun 27 18:49:40 IST 2002

We have a farily busy mailserver here, looking after quite a few domains but
I only want to use mailscanner on a small number of them.

Rather than set MailScanner up on the mailserver itself and use the option, is there a way to use another server as a
gateway? i.e.  the MX records for the domain are changed to point to the
mail server running MailScanner. Mail scanner scans the email and then sends
it to the main mailserver?? I have tried doing this via a .forward file on
the mailscanner system and added the domain to the
file, but when i send an email to the domain, it simply enters
Jun 27 18:26:00 storm mailscanner[6618]: Forwarding 1 clean messages, 10300
into the syslog and forwards the mesage to the main mail server.

I know this seems like a 'why would you want to do that' situation but there
is a good reason why we may have to go down this road.

Thanks in advance,


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