Eric Blanc eric at AFMB.CNRS-MRS.FR
Thu Jun 27 10:30:33 IST 2002


I just installed Mailscanner/Spamassassin on our Mailserver.
Great improvement for my site, thanks Julian...

But...I'm afraid of being a little bit confused...

I would like to maintain a local blacklist/whitelist for identifying
Spammers and/or correct misidentified addresses

Mailscanner has its own Whitelist definition, SpamAssassin has its own
configuration file in Mailscanner etc Directory, but can also manage a
per user preference container file, and can use Razor to store that data
into an SQL container.
MailScanner cannot use Razor cause it doesn't use the "Spamd" but

In fact, I need to store the data into an SQL database, to allow
everyone to "TAG" email addresses as "Verified SPAM" or "Certified
Let us suppose that I create a script updating .conf files from that
I have to store
SPAMMERS into spam.assassin.pref.conf as a comma separated line
following "blacklist_from"
Non-SPAMMERS into spam.whitelist.conf one address per line
Politics to adopt about Certified SPAMMERS into spam.actions.conf

Is that right ?

Thanks for any help

Eric Blanc, PhD
Ingenieur d'Etudes Informatique & Reseau
Email: eric at                      31 Ch J. Aiguier
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