Proper way to handle misidentifiedspamsite-wide?

Francois Caen FCaen at CI.LAKEWOOD.WA.US
Wed Jun 26 18:35:15 IST 2002

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> Again, agreed.  That's why I was asking.  To see if that is what most people 
> doing system-wide stuff are doing.  So most people (doing site-wide anti-spam) 
> are doing "store" and then manually checking for valid entries to whitelist on 
> a regular basis, correct? 

I haven't been using SA that long, but I just tag the messages. SA is nice but I don't trust it enough to delete messages. I recommend to my users that they use message rules to direct tagged messages in a specific folder and browse thru it like once a day to make sure it's all junk.

What do you all do?

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