Filtering Spam to One Email Address

Nathan Johanson nathan at TCPNETWORKS.NET
Wed Jun 26 18:32:34 IST 2002

I asked about this last week...

Apparently, this is a function of the MTA or procmail (as Julian suggested).
I am currently investigating procmail . At this point, I've only gotten as
far as configuring procmail per account on the destination mail server. Once
I figure out how to "globalize" it, I have no doubt that it will work in
most cases.

Unfortunately, I don't think this will work in my situation, as it seems
that procmail needs to run on the server that ultimately receives the mail.
In our case, we scan mail for other domains and then simply use the
mailertable to relay the mail to the receiving server (which in most cases
is Exchange Server). At least one of these domain owners has asked us to
forward all spam to a single address. But I'm not sure how procmail would
fit into this mix as it appears to be geared more toward "local" delivery
and we're simply passing the mail through. If their receiving server was
running Linux (or some other Unix variant), we could use procmail to do this
for them.

I haven't completed my testing and I haven't even scraped the surface of
procmail's funcionality, so it's possible my initial conclusions are wrong.
I haven't even started to look at or test the possibilities with Sendmail.

If you find a working solution for this sort of thing, please let me know.
Good luck.


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>I know this was just asked but I was out of town and had a hard time
following the thread.  Did we >find a way to send all spam to one address?
If not will this feature be added?

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