sendmail rules to protect internal aliases

Matt Doherty Matthew_doherty at DATAWATCH.COM
Wed Jun 26 14:15:33 IST 2002

In your example, Is there any phrase, for instance "LOCAL" that should be
repaced with our domain name?

When you say your aliases some end in *-all.,  .. Does that mean this rule
only applies to certain aliases with *-all?
whats the 0-9 for?
Is this code supposed to be inserted into the file?
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  >I hope one of you sendmail rule wizards can help me with this...


  >We have several "internal" aliases that are really distribution list
  >-- including one alias that goes to the whole company. Some
  >(stinking) spammer has harvested or otherwise guessed what some of
  >these aliases are. Now we are getting spam to the whole company
  >through one email address.

  We have a whole bunch of aliases ending in "-all" (and sub-aliases ending
  in "-all-0" to "-all-9" which aren't accessible from the outside. As an
  example, here's an extract from one of my files.

  # This defines the regular expression that we will match against
  KIsEcsList2 regex -a at MATCH ^.*-all(-[0-9])?$

  R$* $: $>3 $1 Focus on host
  R$* $: $>"QualifyDomain" $1 Make fully-qualified
  R$* <@ $* $m. > $* $1 <@ *LOCAL* > Is recipient an ECS address?
  R$* <@ *LOCAL* > $* $: $(IsEcsList2 $1 $) <@ *LOCAL* > $2 ECS list?
  R at MATCH <@ *LOCAL* > $* $#error $@ 5.1.2 $: Please contact ECS Help Desk

  # If address is unqualified, add *LOCAL* as the destination hostname.
  R$* < @ $* > $* $@ $1 < @ $2 > $3 Already fully qualified
  R$+ $@ $1 < @ *LOCAL* > Add local qualification

  That should do the trick for you. Don't forget to separate the fields of
  each line with tab characters, not spaces.
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