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Brandon Friedman brandonf at BFCONSULT.CO.ZA
Wed Jun 26 12:03:24 IST 2002

You have answered these questions in the next thread....
I wrote this before installing spamassassin!

Julian Field wrote:

> At 22:40 25/06/2002, you wrote:
>> I haven't yet setup spamassasin.... I am try to use the spam features of
>> Mailscanner....
>> In my mailscanner.conf I have specified to use my spam.action.conf file
>> for spam rules. I added a test e-mail to it and restart mailscanner.
>> When I send a message from the test address...nothing happens>???
> Please define "nothing happens".
> Do you get any MailScanner headers in the message at all?
> Are you sending from an IP address listed in "Accept Spam From"?
> What results do you get?
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