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Wed Jun 26 11:19:38 IST 2002

At 23:51 25/06/2002, you wrote:
>For those who recieved my earlier post forget it.... I have installed
>spamassassin. A few questions:
>1. I installed using that ok instead of downloading the tar
>and installing?

Personally I always download the tar. Ensure you have version 2.31.

>2. I also installed additional modules like Net::DNS, Mail:Audit,
>Net::SMTP...are these required or not?

It needs Net::DNS but the others are pretty irrelevant.

>3. Does the X-header for spam get added to each e-mail or only the ones
>with spam detected?

Only ones detected as spam (unless you set "Always Include SpamAssassin
Report = yes").

>4. I don't quite understand the "scoring" system - where can I get more


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